British Functional Fitness Championships, 2019

On the 16-18th August, the Fitness Racing Federation UK (FRF(UK)) hosted the second annual British Functional Fitness Championships at the Sports Training Village, University of Bath.

The venue, which also hosts Strength in Depth Origins later this year, saw athletes travel from around the UK and Ireland to battle it out for the top spot on the podium and an invite to the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) Worlds in Malmo, Sweden!

The FRF(UK) was established in 2016 as the UK governing body of Fitness Racing. Working with with other affiliates of the iF3 across the globe to promote, steward & coordinate the growth of the sport of fitness racing.

Fitness Racing seeks to test athletes proficiency across multiple domains. At this year’s British Championships athletes were subjected to six workouts targeting different energy systems:

Workout 1 – AEROBIC CAPACITY – Run, Row, Run

Workout 2 – MAX STRENGTH – Max Snatch & max clean

Workout 3 – BODYWEIGHT SKILL – Handstand walks over a ramp, pistol squats & burpee ring muscle-ups

Workout 4 – BODYWEIGHT ENDURANCE – Box overs, chest-to-bar pull-ups, bike erg cals & toes-to-bar

Workout 5 – MIXED MODAL – Row, barbell ground-to-overhead, wall balls & deadlifts

Workout 6 – POWER – Power snatches & burpees over the bar

The Championships were split into seven divisions for both males & females: Open (18-34), 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+. Evander Harewood took the 1st in the Men’s Open division, with Laura Faulkner taking the Women’s Open division coveted spot. Congratulations to them both and to all athletes that competed over the weekend.

Laura Faulkner with 65 kg on the bar in Workout 2
Evander Harewood on the rings in Workout 3

Photos courtesy of Dave Shenton at shentoncreative. Check out more photos of the weekend at the FRF(UK) Facebook page. If you want to hear more about the iF3 vision of making Functional Fitness Racing an olympic sport check out this interview from P.O.D Podcast of the Day at last year’s World Championships in London.

Lauren from P.O.D speaks with iF3 President Gretchen Kittelberger at the 2018 Functional Fitness World Championships

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