Triple Xtension Utility Backpack Review

My love for gym kit doesn’t stop at trainers; let’s talk gym bags…. (with a bonus vlog at the end!)

I’ve tried many different types of bag for going to the gym. Big holdalls that will hold every piece of kit you could possibly never use; that seem to consume the one thing you do need like a black hole only to release it along with a week old sweaty t-shirt & a two-week-old banana. I’ve also gone down the tactical rucksack route in the hope that every rope, wrap, tape & top would have its place, only to spend ages looking having forgotten which pocket I’d put it in and wishing I’d also bought a label printer.

There’s one type of bag I really get on with, I call it, for lack of a better description, a bucket bag. The main pocket, whilst still zippered, opens really wide (think 300° of zipper) making it really easy to throw stuff in but also rummage through to find what you’re looking for. So when Holly at Triple Xtension announced the release of exactly this, I new it was worth having.

Triple Xtension Utility Backpack

I bought my first item from Triple Xtension back in 2016. An awesome small business in the north-west of England that specialises in making made-to-measure gymnastic grips, hand-made wrist wraps and incredible t-shirt designs. I have more Triple Xtension tops than I do any other brand, and that’s saying something! My wife and I are always buying each other new tops at birthdays and commenting on the latest designs we’ve seen on social media. Whilst we’ve never met Holly, we feel like we know her. Why? Because it feels like she cares. About her designs, her products, her customers. There’s always a personal touch to the order and the quality is always spot on.

The Triple Xtension Utility Backpack comes in two colours, black or military green. I went with black as, for me, it was going to make it easier to use in & out of the gym, and it would better hide the dirt! The quality, as expected, is awesome; the bag’s made of coarse nylon weave with tasteful TX branding and a host of gear loops if you like that sort of thing. Compression straps both sides can be used for the obvious but also secure larger items like foam rollers & jackets if heading to competitions etc.

The ease-of-access whilst maintain storage of this type of bag can’t be beaten

At 21 litres, its not the biggest of bags, but the design is such that you get to utilise it to the max. The main pocket zippers open around the top of the bag giving a wide entrance without having everything fall out in the process. I find it awesome for just throwing stuff in and not even zipping it up; especially if I’m only walking to the car and then into the gym. The stuff I need is right on top, easy to grab. The backpack straps are a good width & nicely padded making it a comfy commuter bag too. The slim design also means it’s less likely to get in your way or give an unsuspecting fellow commuter a concussion when on a busy tube.

All zippers are durable and easy to use. Top pocket is useful whilst also secure

Finally, there’s also a handy smaller zippered top pocket for keeping those smaller items safe & easy to find – no bag, not even one of those clutch things my wife takes on a night out, can resist the temptation to hide the one thing you really need! This pocket opens close to the straps so its not too exposed and like the main pocket, the zippers have teeth of a good size so they’re not going to get damaged easily or snag your precious Nano laces!

If you’re looking for a new gym bag (or even if you’re not) check out this backpack at Triple Xtension and you won’t be disappointed; while you’re at it I’d also highly recommend a t-shirt or two. Just tell Holly, Tom at Chalking Fitness sent you!

Well done for reading this far, here’s why I love this bag in a rather concise (for me!) 2 mins 9 seconds. This was part of a “Whats in my gym bag” vlog that you should also watch for more dulcet northern tones!

Chalking Fitness on why this bag is awesome for the gym!

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