NOBULL SuperFabric Training Shoe Review

I’ve always like the look of the NOBULL training shoe and whilst for years I’ve stuck to my Reebok Nanos for training, as I started to diversify my collection (with a few reviews along the way) it’s not surprising that I finally gave in and ordered a pair.

What gave me the final push to get a pair was calling in at the NOBULL Store over in Boston when we were on holiday. I get the impression it’s their head office and there’s a small retail-come-concept store at the front of the property. It’s not in a major shopping area so you really have to go looking for it. They have since opened a couple more retail spaces down in NY and perhaps else where too. They we’re a really nice bunch of people and they welcomed us like friends and seemed genuinely interested (or surprised) that two brits rocked up like they’d found Aladin’s Cave. As luck had it, co-founder Marcus was also passing through and took the time to stop and say hello. NOBULL are no doubt making huge waves in the fitness space right now; snapping up a two huge names in CrossFit in the form of Tia-Claire Toomey & Katrin Davidsdottir, but also hosting the 2019 Fitness Film Festival. If you want to know more about their ethos & beginnings then take a listen to this episode of Ben Bergeron & Pat Cummings Chasing Excellence: #083: The Origins of NOBULL. NOBULL also have their own podcast & Ben reciprocated in their inaugural episode.

Now I didn’t buy a pair of the superfabric trainers whilst in Boston, I don’t think they had a pair in my size that in a design that I really liked. I actually bought a pair of the canvas trainers instead; but thats a whole different story. I ended up ordering a pair a few weeks later through the, now world-wide retailer, WIT Fitness. I must admit, I’d not prepared for a lead time on delivery; originally estimated at early-November, it was towards the end of November before they landed on my doorstep.

Perhaps a further sign of both how popular & how fast NOBULL are growing, I get the impression that long waits on shipping & new lines selling out quickly is quite common. Perhaps this is part of the hype, it a sweet new pair of NOBULLs is hard to come by, you’re not going to think long about whether to get your order in.

Switching it up the format for this review, you can get a 5 minute download of my thoughts on: Stability, Support, Agility, Comfort & Style in the YouTube video below:

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