Nano vs Metcon – All you need to know!

EDIT: check out my first impressions review of the Reebok Nano X1
EDIT: additional Nike Metcon 6 First Impressions here

What’s up guys, very excited that here in the UK we now have a date for when gyms should be able to reopen, that’s July 25. With that in mind, I recognise a lot of people might be getting excited that they’re going to finally be able to get back into the gym, going to have a chance to see their gym buddies for the first time, face to face rather than say over zoom; as there’s only a certain amount of burpees you can do on screen. And, and you might even be going as far as saying: “You know what I want to treat myself to a new pair of trainers for getting back into the gym.”

So what I wanted to do today was just give you a quick rundown of the Nike Metcon 5 and the Reebok Nano X, my take on them both if you’re torn as to which one to buy, and then a little bit on what you really need to consider when thinking about getting a new trainer.

But before I do that, I do want to say there’s no need to go and spend £100+ on a brand new pair of trainers to get back in the gym. You can wear whatever shoes, you could be barefoot within reason. So don’t feel that having to buy an expensive pair of trainers should be a barrier to getting into the gym or to you enjoying any kind of health and fitness.

If you’re starting to take it more seriously; if you’re doing a lot of squatting, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, or generally you’re into CrossFit or functional fitness and you’re looking to upgrade an existing pair, then by all means I hope you find this interesting. But don’t see it as a prerequisite of any kind to getting involved in in CrossFit or functional fitness or just generally walking into your local gym.

Reebok Nano X – one of the original release colour-ways

So let’s start with the Reebok Nano X or the. This came out in May 2020 and it is definitely looking quite a lot different to previous Nanos. They’ve gone with a much higher cuff, it’s almost got a little bit of a high top feel to it, and quite an enlarged kind of heel to the cuff and the tongue; the tongue is actually a comparable size to the Metcon 5. The other changes that you’ll notice when you wear it if you’ve been wearing the 9 or the 8 is that there’s a lot more kind of bodywork to the upper, and that gives a lot more lateral support in my opinion. It’s still super comfy straight out of the box which I think has been something that Reebok have achieved from the Nano 6 onwards. But I do think because there’s this extra body kit on the top, it does take a little bit of a wearing in just to get it super comfy. And in terms of length, I still wear the same size as I did in my nines and my eights, and that works really well for me how I like the fit. Again you do get that the slightly narrower feel because you’ve got this increased support in my opinion from the upper. I think there are eight colorways out at the moment, I really like the kind of contrast vector on this one and then the bright colours at the back. You can get them customised with your name at the moment but there’s not the kind of design your own yet I don’t think. Really good breathable tongue and the flex weave is definitely different to the flex we’ve on on the eight and the nine. In my opinion, thenNano X is brilliant, they’re a step towards the kind of lateral stability you get from the Metcon 5. If that’s not something you’re after, you actually quite like the upper to be quite flexible, then actually maybe consider trying to get hold of a pair of nines which is still available, or even trying to find a pair of eights which I think are awesome for that kind super flexible feel (if you can kind of get hold of a pair!)

Nike Metcon 5

Moving on to the Nike Metcon 5? This came out in August / September 2019 so it’s been out for a while and we’ve now started to see some photos online of the Metcon 6; at least the Matt Fraser edition. For me, these offer amazing kind of lateral support. What I mean by that is if you’re prone to rocking in on your feet when squatting or doing dynamic lifting, then these are really good. Both because of the enlarged outsole on the instep and outside, but also, you’ve got the fly-wire system that is prevalent in a number of Nike trainers. I think it just gives that real kind of locked in feeling that does mean that the Metcon 5 is going to feel a little kind of snugger than the Nano X. I wear half a size larger in the metcon than I do in the Nano. I think they’re awesome with that lateral sports, I would say when squatting the sole feels a little more cushioning and a little more spongy than the Nano X. One thing that Nike do with the Metcon 5 is to provide you with the hyper lifts, which can give you just a little bit more heel raise and can be really advantageous for allowing you to stay a little bit more upright. When you’re doing wall balls and when you’re front squatting. Both of these trainers natively come with a 4 mom drop from from heel to toe. So you already have that slight heel raise, and then this will give you another 8 mm. So you’re getting 12 mm of drop from heel to toe; relatively speaking a lifter typically has a 22 mm drop so you’re still nowhere near the lifter, but that’s definitely something that you’re going to feel relatively.

So there we have it. That’s the Metcon 5 & Nano X. If you’re looking at these two and still not sure which one to go for the analogy I’ve used recently is that, for me personally, the Nano X, or Nano in general, is like a tennis shoe; it’s really good for what it’s designed for, but it’s also feel pretty comfortable for just throwing on to go to the shops or to the pub. The Metcon 5 is more of like a football trainer in that is really good for what it’s designed for, same as the Nano, but I’m not really going to wear it outside of the gym as much. Some people might say the same about the Nano X but that’s just my two cents. Really then for me I say, both of these are awesome trainers; they’re great for what they do, there’s been many iterations of the Nano and the Metcon are five iterations down. Some people say the Metcons not as good for running, but these are both designed for cross-training; so if you’re going for 5 km run, wear a running shoe! I think you’re going to be fine and there’s just going to be that kind of ‘personal preference’ so pick a shoe that you like the look of, that you’re excited to put on that makes you feel badass, makes you feel like you can lift the world!

We’re spoilt for choice with both the Nano & the Metcon being awesome training shoes

Let me know what you think. Stick it in the comments, drop me an email and let me know what other trainers you want a review on. I’ve got in depth reviews at; on both the Nano X, the Nano 9, the Metcon 5, and also the NoBull trainer as well! Be sure to follow Chalking Fitness on Instagram as well so as not to miss the latest news & reviews.

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