My Hand Care Strategy for CrossFit

Before I start a series of reviews on handcare & protection for CrossFit & functional fitness I wanted to give you a little bit of an insight into where I’m coming from when I review these kind of products. Hand care and hand protection is a very personal thing so I think you need to understand the angle I come from because the review is inevitably going to be subjective. 

I’ve been doing functional fitness via the CrossFit methodology for over six years now. I wouldn’t classify myself as a competitive crossfitter, I’m definitely a recreational crossfitter training for enjoyment, wellness & longevity. What that means that is my training can sometimes lack the intensity and perhaps the volume of some of those high skill movements that often tear your hands up. 

So for me, because there’s probably less intensity, and it’s not an immediate need, it becomes more about personal preference. My baseline approach, probably for the last 3-4 years has been I haven’t consistently used grips and the reason for that is I really like being able to kind of grip the bar without any grips. I know it’s then on me to have that bomber grip. 

One thing I do use consistently though is tape. The reason I use tape is because I am someone who uses hook grip. I think that is really an essential when doing moderate to heavy weight lifting, and to be honest, I use it all the time. Over the years I’ve developed a weakness in the skin on the thumb and tape protects them a little bit and provides additional grip.

But there are benefits to using grips as we’ll and I’ll get into that in subsequent reviews. 

So with that in mind, calluses form and calluses will get larger and larger if you don’t look after them. So my typical approach is to be preventative and keep calluses as smooth and low profile as possible. They’re going to catch more if they protrude. If you lose a large callus you know about it; it’s painful and you’re going to be suffering for a while. So for me I think it’s really important to have like a preventative approach.

The final thing I just wanted to mention is when things go wrong, what can you do? I think it’s important to take action, don’t ignore it, try and get them clean, use antiseptic on them to reduce any kind of like inflammation and infection because that’s going to slow the healing process. I will also use an overnight balm that designed to support the healing process.  

So where I’m coming from either say, not a massively competitive athlete, but I still train I still jump on the rig I use barbells there’s plenty I can talk to you about in coming reviews! 

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