Kratos Nutrition Fuel RX’D & Recovery RX’D Review

Disclaimer: I’m no nutritionist so if you’re seeking bespoke advice on your diet or goals, seek out a professional. Furthermore, my diet is currently far from perfect so I might not be best placed to judge the nutritional or physiological benefits of any supplements; but I’ve got tastebuds & desire to better myself, so there’s that!

Kratos Nutrition keep it simple with their product offering: Fuel RX’D for pre-workout and Recovery RX’D for post-workout. That said, there’s nothing simple about the supplements themselves, with both offering a blend of ingredients formulated for Crossfitters to help you get the most out of your training & then be ready to go again. I’ve had both the Fuel RX’D & the Recovery RX’D on my shelf for sometime. I’ll be honest I don’t use them religiously around my training (in fact, with all these lockdowns I don’t train religiously either!)

Kratos RX’D Fuel RX’D – I’ve always been hesitant to combine a pre-workout with CrossFit or any sort of high intensity training as have had unpleasant experiences with the more traditional, high caffeine / beta-Analine supps that have left me feeling sick or on the edge of cardiac arrest! Whilst Fuel RX’D does contain both caffeine, beta-analine and taurine for that matter, I’m pleased to report it doesn’t deliver the jitters that a might come from other sources of such supplements. It still provides a kick though & combined with ~50% loading of carbs per serving (14g in 30g) it’s seems to sit well for everything from running intervals to heavy lifting. Formulated for Crossfitters indeed!

Kratos RX’D Recovery RX’D – I’ve been a long time user of whey protein, typically going for a basic brand & adding the likes of glutamine, creatine & carbs myself. As time goes on this has become abit of a faff & I was attracted to the bespoke formulation of Recovery RX’D. Each serving brings a near 50/50 blend of carbohydrates & protein. The protein is a BCAA enhanced whey isolate that is Lactose free. I’ve never tried a lactose free protein before but the lack of milky texture makes it really refreshing, drinkable & light in the stomach; easily squeezed in between workouts. I’ve always used water with any whey protein and an approach of “geet it dann ya neck” but this lactose free whey isolate is worthy the slightly extra price tag. There’s also glutamine, creatine & various other vitamins & minerals ticking the simplicity of one scoop for sure.

A final comment on supplements, acknowledging again that I am definitely not providing nutritional advice and neither am I perfect placed of provide the most effective measure of supplementation on my less-than-optimal training. However, I am an advocate for building good habits & intentional acts. Getting motivated to train can be difficult but drinking a pre workout is easy – and once I’ve had a some pre-workout I’m usually more likely to train. Equally, knowing I will treat myself to the best tasting recovery shake I’ve come across after training, helps get me moving in the first place.

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