Reebok Nano X1 – First Impressions Review

Less than 10 months since the release of the Reebok Nano X, which despite lockdown went on to become one of Reebok’s most successful launches, we’ve seen the release of the Reebok Nano X1.

Further moving away from being the official shoe of CrossFit, the trainer is now marketed & designed as a versatile shoe targeting much more than barbells & rigs. Whilst maintaining the stable platform for lifting & power transfer, Reebok have incorporated their FLOATRIDE technology & a slight toe-lift/rocker to help with running & other plyometric movements. This has also reduced the weight of the shoe significantly; which has also been helped by the introduction of knit upper. The knit upper makes the Reebok Nano X1 more breathable (like the Metcon 5 vs Metcon 6).

I grabbed a pair of the early-release all black “I’ll call you back” colour-way and have been training in them for a couple of weeks. Initial thoughts across the community were that the rocker design & foam in the forefoot would cause instability, especially when loaded in the frontal plane. What I’ve found is that whilst there is a little more “play” in the forefoot, the heel remains stable, perhaps even more so than previous Nano iterations, that allows me to adjust & sit back ever so slightly and feel a lot more stable for it. I have found that that tipping can be more prevalent when I’m not focusing on good movement (gassy air squats for example!)

Check out my full video review below, including a look back at the last 6 evolutions of this iconic trainer!

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