December Podcast Episodes

Episode 73 – Matt Tucker, Head Coach & Co-owner over at CrossFit Nidus, is a fascinating chap to say the least. Where many coaches have always been in the fit biz & found CrossFit at some point, Matt found CrossFit somewhat later in life & his business experience in other sectors is very apparently in their approach to running Nidus. A must listen to anyone looking to benchmark their experience as either a coach or member.

Episode 74 – Reggie Fasa. If you frequent Instagram or have an eye on thread U.K./European scene, you’ll know who Reggie is. Topping the European QFs in the 2021 season many will know him for his tin-slingin’ no-nonsense attitude mainly seen on Instagram. It was great to get him to reflect on the first year of going pro & I’m humbled that he was willing to share some of the tough realities of turning a past-time into a full-time gig. Watch out for Reggie on the elite individual floor over at Wodapalooza.

Episode 75 – Aimee Cringle. Another UK athlete, based on the Isle of Man, who is heading to Wodapalooza as an elite individual. Aimee is really dialling up the training with The Athlete Program now she has finished her nursing degree and is looking to see how far she can go in the sport of fitness. We chat about her CrossFit journey and how she is working closely with brand like GymShark.

#76 – Rach & Karl Steadman. What a great way to round out talking to the UK & IRE CrossFit Country Manager (Karl) & Community Manager (Rach). As well as digging into their experiences over the last 17 years within the methodology & community, we reflect on their time in role with CrossFit in 2021 & look forward to 2022.

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