QampA with… Crossfit volentia events

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We sit down for a rapid fire Q&A with Matty, one of the team at CrossFit Volentia responsible for putting on a growing roster of events. The last two weekends in January saw the finals of their latest edition, The Eagle Throwdown. Registration for next years event open early February 2022.

1) How many years have you been running for? 

We’ve been running events here at CrossFit Volentia for 6+ years. Over the last 4 it’s become more of a full time job with 4 events yearly, plus the new addition of the Eagle Throwdown which has online qualifiers and two live finals dates!

2) What inspired you to organise/run a competition/event? 

Initially events were just for our gym and maybe one or two local boxes. They were there so we could throwdown with our members, plus members and coaches from gyms in the close vicinity. We soon realised that we wanted to broaden our reach to the wider community, bringing together gyms and individuals from all over the UK to our modest gym in Warwickshire! It’s always been about the community for us. We want everyone that attends one of our competitions to have an amazing day whether they’re; staff, athletes, vendors, sponsors or volunteers!   

3) Who are you typically targeting for your competitions? 

Our events are varied and range from inclusive team events, like the mixed team Quad Squad, to our individual event The Eagle Throwdown, which puts a focus on competitive individuals that are 18+ including scaled and RX, plus masters categories. We really have something for everyone, whether you’ve been doing CrossFit for 6 months or 6 years you’re welcome here and guaranteed to have a blast!

4) What do you particularly enjoy about running a competition? 

The people make the events, it’s really as simple as that! It’s seeing the regular smiling faces, to those that come along to our gym for their first ever event. It’s seeing people hit PB’s, the happiness on an athlete’s face when they get their first muscle up, the high fives and fist bumps at the end of the WOD, the support and camaraderie that is always on show and the smile on people’s faces that make it all worthwhile!

5) How has the event grown over the years? What have you learnt? 

CrossFit Volentia Events has grown exponentially over the past 4 years or so. From a couple of dozen athletes a year, to quite literally thousands! I guess the biggest lesson we have learned is that no matter how big we get, we’re really determined to stay humble and run competitions for the community, bringing people together with the common goal of getting fit and having fun while we’re at it! 

6) Key dates the community should be aware of? 

Tickets for our hugely popular Eagle Throwdown (individuals) which is about to start it’s second year, launch early February with online qualifiers going live in October this year. The finals for this event will be In january 2023. We also have our Quad squad (mixed 4’s) on the 27th of March, Mixed Pairs on the 1st of May, Same Sex Pairs on the 11th of September and Same sex 3’s on the 16th of October this year! The Quad Squad and Mixed Pairs have already sold out and tickets for the Same Sex Pairs go live on the 1st of Feb! 

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