UK Top-100: How Do you Stack up?

By design & intent, the Open is for everybody. A chance to celebrate fitness with the community far & wide, to challenge yourself and see how you stack up against your past self and to measure progress toward whatever goals you may or may not have set for yourself. Whatever you goal, just remember to throw down with friends & celebrate accordingly!

For some, the Open is but the first stage of the CrossFit Games season. The top 10% of individuals from the Open on the European-wide leader board will progress Quarterfinals – another weekend of full of tests of fitness, undoubtedly with higher skill movements & increased demands of strength & capacity. From there, the top 60 in Europe progress to Semifinals; which all being well will be live events in London (CrossFit Strength in Depth) and The Netherlands (CrossFit Lowlwands Throwdown).

On the Team side, which for the second year running demands teams to be Affiliate based, we will see the top 25% of teams in Europe progress to Quarterfinals and the top 40 then go on top SemiFinals.

From these two SemiFinals, Europe will send 10 men, 10 women & 10 teams – 5 qualifying from each SemiFinal event.

Being a fan of stats, as you might have seen throughout the last Open, I wanted to take one last look at the top of UK leaderboard for 2021 – providing a little insight into what it takes to perform at the highest level.

UK Men – Top 100

  • Average (mean) age of the top 100 men on the UK Open leaderboard was 30 years old
    • Youngest in those ranks was Oscar Sweeny at 19
    • Oldest, “Father of the House” as it were, was Rob Walker at 45; Rob’s performance in the Open was good enough for 6th worldwide in the 40-45 division.
  • 21.2 was repeat of 17.1 with dumbbell snatches & burpee box jump overs
    • Average (median) score was 11:48 to complete the asssending ladder; well inside the 20 min time cap
    • Fastest time in the UK goes to Reggie Fasa whilst the “slowest” of those finishing in the top-100 overall was 13:35
  • 21.4 was the barbell complex in this first stage of the season & a chance for athletes to showcase their power & strength
    • Average (median) weight lifted for the Deadlift, Clean, Hang Clean, Jerk complex was 120kg
    • Josh Al-Chamaa takes the crown for heaviest complex at 144kg
    • Everyone finishing inside the overall top-100 lifted at least 100kg for this complex

UK Women – Top 100

  • Just a tad older for the women with an average (mean) age of 31
    • Youngest athlete finishing in the overall top-100 was Catrin Jones of Second City Fitness
    • Eldest on the women’s side was Zoe Stewart at 51 from CrossFit BFG. Zoe also finished 3rd worldwide in the 50-54 division at the Open stage
  • Taking a look at 21.2 (17.1) performance for the overall UK top-100
    • Average (median) time to complete was 12:09
    • Fastest time went to Helena Collins from Jolly Sailor CrossFit at 9:31
    • All within the top-100 overall completed 21.2 in 14:37
  • Dissecting the barbell complex of 21.4 gives a look at the strength numbers for the overall top-100
    • Average (median) weight lifted for the complex: 78 kg
    • Heaviest lift goes to Helen Nutter of AOD Fitness (and the 2021 Games team) at 97 kg
    • All sitting in the top-100 overall for 2021 Open manage to hit at least 67 kg

Recognising that the overall top 100 over the UK leader board is only a fraction of those taking part in the Open, I’ve also calculated averages (mean) 21.2 & 21.4 score for a larger proportion of the leader board.

Male DivisionFemale Division
Rank21.2 (time)21.4 (kg)21.2 (time)21.4 (kg)

*averages were not possible above 1000 because increasing numbers of athletes were time-capped, resulted in scores in reps rather than time.

To make an obvious understatement, 2021 was another funny old year. When the 2021 Open kicked off in March, gyms in the UK were still closed so any trying to take part and to get creative with where they gave the three weeks of the Open their best attempt. Yet we still saw approx. 10,000 of the UK community sign up for the Open – 6,000 men & 4,000 women. All being well, we’ll see plenty more on the leader board this year.

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