Q & A with… Midlands Fitness Games

Jack Simmons is one half of the team that brought the UK Community the Midlands Fitness Games. This competition was new to the calendar in 2021 & Jack shares insights into the challenges of navigating multiple postponements due to COVID and what we can expect this year …

What inspired you to set up the Midlands Fitness Games?

Myles and I wanted to create a functional fitness/CrossFit competition for all levels of abilities but which felt like a regional style event! Giving people that feeling of being centre stage at a big competition!

We wanted to create an event that people would just enjoy! From the atmosphere and venue, to the vendors and spectators, we just wanted everyone to have a unbelievable experience.

Who are you typically targeting for your competitions?

Our events are targeted for all levels, that’s why we also introduced a intermediate category. Our Rx category is very competitive and we had some big names compete but on the other hand our scaled category saw a lot of first timers take to the competition floor!

Your inaugural year was hampered by lockdown & restrictions, what was the the biggest challenge of that?

Covid did hit us hard! We decided to set up MFG in late 2019, which the first date planned in early 2020, this then got cancelled 3 times!! It was very difficult to stay motivated during that period but we believed we were planning something special! 

What was the highlight of last years competition?

Honestly for me, hearing Tricky Ricky shout 3,2,1 GO! on that first heat of the day at our first comp was unreal, it gave me goosebumps! Seeing everyone have an amazing day and everything coming together as I had imagined in my head was so special!

Anything new you’re excited to introduce this year?

We can’t wait for the next event which will be Mixed pairs. It means we can test the athletes more and get a little more creative with some of the workouts.

Whats the top piece of advice you’d give to anyone looking to set up a competition?

Be patient and plan plan plan! There are alot of things that you don’t even think of. Ensure you have a good support team around you! And finally look after your volunteers, without them there would not be an event!

Key dates the community should be aware of?

Mixed pairs – April 16th and 17th (nearly sold out) but still looking for a couple more judges

Mixed team of 4 – Sunday October 16th

Jack Simmons at MFG (credit: Facebook)

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