What started as a simple accountability blog started to provide opportunity to better-connect with the wider community. In June 2020, a zoom call with now fellow-podcaster Jason, gave me the confidence to start reaching out to the community and bringing other people into the conversation.

My guests are predominately UK-centric (although I’m known to occasionally nip across the pond) and by no means limited to the elite athletes you may see featured on other podcasts. I love to talking to anyone with a passion related to the fitness industry, whether that be competitive athletes, coaches, business owners or everyday CrossFitters like myself.

I’m constantly humbled at the willingness of our community to come on the podcast and share their story, insights & expertise. It’s a privilege to experience that first hand & to able to in-turn share that with you, the listeners.

Whilst being UK-centric, the podcast has a global listenership; with onlu 60-80% of downloads coming from Europe. You can find the fully catalogue of episodes below and also on your preferred podcast platform.

#63 – Koach Kudders on CrossFit Chalking Fitness

From stumbling across CrossFit in New Zealand to stepping into ownership of Ore Fitness Community here in the UK, this episode is a fascinating chat with Kudders about his experience with the global community that has the CrossFit methodology at it's core.As a coach and affiliate owner, Adam shares his reflections on the changes in the brand over the last 15 months and what he got out of the UK Affiliate meet-up that took place in London back in August.Finally, we also discuss making space for trying & practicing new sports – whether that be Ironman, olympic weightlifting or even HYROX!Support the show (
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