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Born from a passion for the sport & methodology of CrossFit, Chalking Fitness has become a podcast & source of independent media that seeks to celebrate & support the amazing communities & individuals that exist within the space.

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2022 CrossFit Open – 22.1 UK Scores Analysis

Note that this is analysis of the individual leaderboard from filtered by country. This means it includes UK ex pats not based in the United Kingdom and does not include non-UK nationals that are members of & training at UK affiliates. Additionally it’s great to see CrossFit increasing the number of adaptive divisions and … Continue reading 2022 CrossFit Open – 22.1 UK Scores Analysis

2022 CrossFit Games Season Progression

For those interested on how individuals & teams in Europe can progress beyond the first stage of the Open – to Quarterfinals, SemiFinals & beyond – check out the graphic below… Additionally, for all the official information, be sure to read the 2022 Rulebook.


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